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Greetings Netlings!

Hi, im Yambla, but you can call me Yam! I'd like to welcome you to my website. At the moment my site is not very advanced but more will be added. Yambla is my common web name but on the zone i play Combat Flight Simulator 2, and Combat Flight Simulator 3 where you will find me as _RAAF_Yambla II. I am part of the best CFS2/CFS3 squadron on the zone. (If you wish to go to their HQ, check my Links page!)

Site Last Updated: 09/7/2003
09/7/2003 - Updated just about everything!

As you pass through my site, please take the time to sign my GuestBook.

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CFS2 Jibber
As you can proberly tell from this site that I like the RAF and Royal Navy paint schemes over the boring American paint jobs. I pretty much just like the camo scheme!

There has been lots of Inter-squadron challenges going on of late. This involves two squardrons going head to head in some sort of friendly challenge or match. If you are from another squadron and wish to get something started with the _RAAF_, you can either contact me and i'll try and get something going, or you can go straight to their HQ and go from their. If all this "friendly challenge" stuff doesn't grab you, you could just declare war on the _RAAF_. But be warned, we have many brave and skillful pilots, and we will always strive for victory!

My CFS2/CFS3 Aircraft of the Month!
This month's Aircraft is:
The RAAF DOA P-40E Kittyhawk! This is the official _RAAF_ CFS2 squadron aircraft.
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